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Welcome to Beth's Cascading Style Sheet Demo. Below is a list of quick links to various style sheets that will display this same html page in a completely different manner depending on which cascading style sheet is being used. Click them all to see what can be done with this powerful tool. Remember, this is all the same page, the exact same code, just using different style sheet to specify how it is displayed. In the table there is a more detailed list of the style sheets with links.

Main Beth's Web Site(default) No Style Sheet Futuristic
Soft Pastel Wild Victorian
Bold Shiny Textured
Desert Border Beige
Floral Lavender Dramatic



Main Style Sheet for Beth's Web Site(default)

There is a nice professional but colorful feel to the web presence of this site. Very pleasing and soothing overall.

No Style Sheet

This is the default for your web browser. If nothing else is specified, if the browser gets no other instructions, then these are the properties displayed.


Black, white, and red, used sparingly for emphasis, give this site flair. Very effective.


Futuristic, if your future is purple and blue with lots of chrome.

Soft Pastel

Green pastel combines with white to give a soft serene feeling.


Very wild. Pink and purple swirl around you in a cosmic whirlpool.


Victorian embroidery and a blooming garden of old fashioned roses await you.


Very bright and bold primary colors. Very aggressive.


Natural colors but shiny. Understated, very simple table. Less is more.


White on white with a marble texture.


Strong southwest desert colors reminiscent of vivid sunsets, adobe haciendas, Indian blankets and pottery.


Muted natural color with textured border. Sylish.


Neutral colors. Understated, very simple. Parchment-like table, marble background.


Natural beige parchment with pink roses.


Subtle overall textured pattern in lavender.